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Tuberculosis & Social Security

By gotdenied-administration-August 11, 2015


In order to qualify for Social Security Disability with tuberculosis, medical records are needed. The information needed on the individual’s particular case of tuberculosis may come from physicians, hospitals, imaging studies, lab panels, and/or physical therapists. Also, the Social Security Administration may request an examination from an independent physician who may gather results and report additional medical information. It is very important to supply a sufficient amount of information in order to qualify- it is not the Social Security Administration’s responsibility to gather a physician’s statement. A physician must thoroughly describe the ways and the extent to which tuberculosis functionally limits the individual.


Qualification requires work history for adults or academic records for minors. A disability examiner classifies past work, analyzes the work’s mental and physical demands, and determines if the individual can return to his/her past work or begin a different type of work. Importantly, social security benefits for tuberculosis are awarded according to limitations an individual’s tuberculosis puts on his/her ability to function at work or, for minors, ability to function properly in normally appropriate activities.

If your case is denied, apply for a reconsideration appeal. If that is denied, apply for a hearing at which an argument using medical evidence of your tuberculosis can be made to a judge.

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