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Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability &
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The Law Offices of William Biebuyck serves clients just like you. We’ve helped our clients receive MILLIONS of dollars in settlements and awards. Our Law Firm specializes in WORKERS’ COMPENSATION and SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY.Our core focus is on the laws that govern these specialties and how they can WORK FOR YOU. We’ve spent years learning the laws and getting to know the judges in our practice area. When you hire us, you see us, hear from us and get the benefits that only a SPECIALIZED LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE can give YOU.

If you have a new claim or a previous claim and you Got Denied, Call Us! We are an experienced law firm and we fight for your rights!

Millions of dollars have been awarded to our clients. Our firm fights to protect your legal rights.

Our Job is to successfully help YOU WIN!

  • We offer FREE consultation
  • We provide 24/7 service access
  • We can help you file at NO COST
  • We can COME TO YOU
  • You pay NO FEE unless we win
  • Get DIRECT, FOCUSED attention

Our clients know we care. We take the time to understand each individual case. We don’t require money up-front. We take great care in the method we use to review your case and confirm our ability to give you the best legal representation.

Don’t wait to file your claim or appeal. CONTACT US TODAY for your FREE case review. Our firm is ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our job is to successfully help YOU WIN the LEGAL RIGHT to receive income or a monetary settlement. We provide knowledgeable, committed, and compassionate EXPERT legal representation, and have for well over a decade of experience.

We understand the complexities of the laws and the deep concern and frustration our clients often feel when they need an attorney they can trust.

  • Social Security Disability

    Social Security Disability

    We successfully helped many clients receive benefits even though they were denied.

  • Worker’s Compensation

    Worker’s Compensation

    If you’ve been injured at work for almost any reason, you may be entitled to benefits.

  • Long Term Disability

    Long Term Disability

    We can help if your disability claim has been denied or suddenly terminated.

  • Auto Injury

    Auto Injury

    We help get settlements and benefits for a variety of medical disabilities.


  • “If Bill thinks he can win your case, by golly he does it.”

    Hannah B.
  • Bill won my case for me, as well as another acquaintance’s case.

    Heidi B.
  • “Bill won my son’s disability case. Great Job!”

    Bonnie R.