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Social Security Disability & Workers’ Compensation

The Social Security Disability and Workers’ Compensation systems were designed to protect Americans like you. The goal of our firm is to protect your rights, and get you the benefits you are entitled to.

If you’re nervous about filing on your own, or feel you may say the wrong thing, let us do the filing for you at no cost.

  • You need no money for our services.

  • Consultations are always free

  • No fee unless you win.

  • We’re available 24/7.

We take the worry out of the SSD and Workman’s Comp process. You have enough on your mind, so let us do what we do best. Our firm takes pride in specialized attention. You tell us the easiest way to meet. You can meet with us at our offices, or we will come to you, or email, or US mail, or telephone.

We cover the entire state of Michigan and have helped thousands of people like you. We are very well respected by the judges we practice in front of. They see us on a regular basis and know we’re well prepared. Hire an experienced lawyer who specializes in social security disability and workers’ compensation.

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About Attorney Bill Biebuyck

William V. Biebuyck earned his Law Degree at the University of Detroit in 2002. As a caring and compassionate individual with an unusual ability to connect and communicate with individuals from diverse backgrounds, Bill decided early in this legal career to specialize in Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability. Being a former electrician and active member of IBEW Local 58, he was able to take his firsthand observations of the challenges facing individuals who aren’t able to work (for a variety of reasons) and bring that insight into his work in the legal profession.

Since establishing his firm in 2011, Bill has placed great focus in discovering methods that give him the ability to successfully navigate the ever-changing laws governing Workers’ Compensation and Social Security – which are clearly influenced by our political environment and economy. Despite the option to join a large law firm, he has chosen to keep his firm close and his ability to serve clients directly at the forefront of his priorities. He understands that no one wants to be considered a “file” and no one wants to be shuffled off to a new associate still learning. Bill cares and he makes sure it is clear to his clients.

Over the years Bill has successfully helped his clients win millions of dollars in compensation and/or benefits. He has kept his personal commitment to stay available and in communication to the point of giving his clients his personal cell phone number and making himself available beyond business hours. Even for those who lack transportation, Bill makes it possible to receive help by his willingness to travel to those that most need his services.

Recognizing how important relationships are to his clients and his ability to earn the respect of those making decisions, Bill has made it a point to get to know the specialty court judges who preside over Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability cases. Able to provide legal services in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, he has positioned his firm to be a choice provider.

As a native of Michigan, Bill has his roots in the same region as the people he serves. And, as a family man, he personally understands the risk his client’s families face when his client’s rights are handled poorly or denied.  He positions himself as more than his client’s attorney, he is a coach to his Social Security Disability clients and a teacher to his client’s seeking Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Bill is not interested in placing himself above his clients and making judgments, he is interested in giving his clients expert legal representation in a compassionate, non-judgmental, sincere and approachable manner.

Meet with Bill and experience this level of care and expertise today.