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Social Security Disability for Autism

By gotdenied-administration-July 20, 2015

The autism spectrum includes three disorders- Autism, Asperger Syndrome, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD-NOS).

Social Security Disability for Childhood Autism requires:

  •    Two symptoms of social interaction impairment (significant difficulty interacting with others verbally or non-verbally)


  •    One symptom of communication impairment (significant difficulty communicating verbally or responding to verbal communication)


  •    One symptom of restrictive or repetitive behavior (irregular movement, interaction with objects, absolute focus on one activity, requirement of structure and consistency in environment)

For children ages 1-3, the previous symptoms must lead to impairments in two or more of the following areas: gross or fine motor development, cognitive/communicative function, or social function. For children 3-18, symptoms must lead to impairments in two or more of the following areas: cognitive/communicative function, social functioning, personal functioning, or maintaining concentration, persistence, or pace.

Social Security does not list requirements for adulthood Autism. Consequently, adults with Autism must demonstrate an inability to maintain gainful employment in order to qualify for Social Security Disability. Additionally, the claimant must possess medical documents that prove the claimant’s Autism is severe enough to hinder his/her ability to work.

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