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By gotdenied-administration-November 22, 2014

Many times insurance companies will pay just enough to get you by for a short while, then suddenly you get a notice for an IME, Independent Medical Exam. This is usually the cut off plan starting to come together. Or they just cut you off with no notice. You may want to consider settling for a lump sum settlement before all these tactics take place, and your suddenly left with no income.

If your tired of being followed around by video taping contractors hired by the insurance company, or being forced to apply for jobs you can’t perform, it may be time to consider a lump sum workers’ compensation settlement. Insurance companies are not hired to look out for your best interest, they work for the employer who pays for the coverage, don’t be fooled with sweet talk, making you think your getting a great settlement. They want you off their books as cheap as possible. Always consult an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation settlements, to make sure your timing is right, and your getting the true value of your case. Even with an attorney fee of 10%, the claimant usually comes out much further ahead financially, rather than trying to settle the case on your own.

If your at that point, tired of being video taped, tired of attending exams, tired of applying for jobs you can’t perform, not getting payments on time, not getting mileage checks, not getting the medical care you choose, or considering Social Security Disability and don’t want to lose part of that benefit because your getting a weekly workers’ compensation check, it may be time to consult an attorney. The Law Offices of William Biebuyck PLLC specialize in this area of the law, we can give you a free consultation, and determine if settling is in your best interest. So if you’re looking for the best Michigan Workers’ Compensation Settlement Attorney, call toll free 855-846-8336, or fill out the evaluation box on our web site and we will contact you.