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Long-Term Disability for Cancer

By gotdenied-administration-July 27, 2015


 Individuals Suffering from Cancer Qualify

Cancer often limits individuals’ ability to work. Often times, individuals become completely incapable of working at all. Others may only have the time or ability to work part-time. An inability to work caused by cancer entitles the suffering individual to long term disability benefits if the individual has long term disability insurance regardless of whether the inability to work is caused by cancer itself, resulting disabilities (mental and physical), or disabilities caused by cancer treatment.

Individuals with cancer may spend lots of their time on treatment, like chemotherapy. This leaves such individuals with little time to work. Additionally, individuals receiving cancer treatment like chemotherapy may experience side effects like severe fatigue that leave them physically incapable of working. As a result, cancer treatment may cause an individual with cancer’s inability to work, and that is an entirely legitimate cause for receiving long-term disability benefits.

Likewise, cancer is a mentally taxing disease. Furthermore, the psychological effects of cancer may leave an individual disabled and unable to work. Mental disabilities like depression and anxiety resulting from an individual’s cancer qualify him/her for long term disability of he/she can longer work because of psychological problems resulting from living with cancer.


Long Term Disability Benefits

Long-term disability benefits paid to individuals suffering from cancer help them to continue living when they can no longer work. When an individual’s cancer inhibits him/her from working to support his/her self, disability benefits are available to replace previous income. After short-term disability benefits end, the individual must receive long-term disability benefits from his/her insurance, normally paid for by his/her employer. Long term disability insurance normally pays a percentage of the individual’s salary until the individual returns to work.


Hiring an Attorney

It is beneficial to acquire the help of an attorney when seeking long-term disability. Having an attorney for ensures that disabled individuals, especially those suffering from cancer, receive the benefits they need to live. Individuals suffering from cancer may utilize the assistance of an attorney to speed up the process, improve their ability to illustrate their degree of disability, and maximize the amount they receive from their insurance when pursuing long-term disability benefits.

Long term disability insurers count on the fact that you probably won’t know their rules and procedures and, as a result, you will have a more limited chance of fighting to win your disability benefits. It is for this reason in particular that it is in your best interest to consult with an attorney at The Law Offices of William Biebuyck PLLC well before a long-term disability claim has been denied. There are time limits to all claims under the ERISA statute, and every stage of your case is subject to a deadline. You should not delay in proceeding with your ERISA claim or obtaining legal advice to clarify these deadlines with an experienced Michigan attorney, call toll-free at 844-GOT DENIED ((844) 468-3643), or send us some information in the inquiry box on the Home page, and we will contact you promptly for a free consultation.