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How to Help Your Case After You’ve Filed for Social Security Disability

By gotdenied-administration-February 13, 2016

Once you’ve filed for social security disability benefits, the waiting process can be painful.  With much at stake, many of our clients ask us what they can do during this time to help their case along.  Though you certainly can’t rush the social security administration or the legal courts, you can continue building your case.  We encourage you to consider the following facts:

FACT #1:  Receiving consistent medical care while you are waiting is important.

Though some individuals stop going to the doctor regularly after they have filed a claim, receiving consistent medical care is one of the most important actions you can take during the waiting period.  Each visit gives your medical professionals the opportunity to observe and treat your condition.  When there is no professional witness to what you are going through it makes it harder to prove the challenges you are facing.

FACT #2:  Medical Specialists can make all the difference.

Clients who see only a primary care physician have a much harder time confirming the impact their medical condition has on their ability to work full-time.  For instance, an orthopedic doctor will be able to pinpoint and diagnose a musculo-skeletal problem with an MRI and reinforce its impact on your health much more effectively than a general practice doctor who simply orders an x-ray.  Or in another example, a psychiatrist can offer a more specific mental health diagnosis than a therapist.  Each time a specialist is seen the credibility of your case can grow stronger.

FACT #3:  Medical Records are a critical part of your case. 

Each time you get medical care and see specialists, every interaction is documented and your medical records begin to clearly tell the ongoing story of what is happening to you and why you are seeking benefits.


You, as the claimant, can have a positive influence on your ability to secure benefits by being diligent in taking these facts into consideration and acting upon them.  While the waiting is, admittedly painful and sometimes frustrating, the role you can play is important.


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