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Back Pain and Social Security Disability

By gotdenied-administration-July 20, 2015

The struggle involved with objectively proving back pain comes from the lack of supporting evidence that can be found with most medical tests to show that an individual’s back pain absolutely causes an amount of pain and lack of movement sufficient to entirely prevent him/her from working. This in turn makes Social Security Disability claims for back pain tough to win, but Social Security Disability claims for back pain are nonetheless valid and therefore certainly worthy of winning. However, some cases of back pain win in a straightforward manner; in such cases, the individual’s back pain clearly causes serious disability.

Regardless, in order to qualify for Social Security Disability for back pain, an individual’s back pain must still exist after three months of prescribed therapy and his/her back pain must be expected to continue for no less than a year. Furthermore, an individual must have records confirming sufficient:

  • Distribution of pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Limitation of motion in spine
  • Motor skills restriction; weakened muscles, loss of reflexes and senses

Such records should come from a treating physician and be supported by x-rays, CT scan, MRI or Lumbar myleogram. A treating physician should record the individual’s pain in detail, actions that affect pain, treatment for pain, typical daily activities, numbness, muscle spasm, affect on range of motion, and any other effects caused by the individual’s back pain.


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