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Attorney Help for Workers’ Compensation in Michigan

By gotdenied-administration-July 27, 2015

Workers’ Compensation Help

The Law Offices of William Biebuyck PLLC offer help for workers seeking wage replacement, medical benefits, and rehabilitation benefits through workers’ compensation in Michigan. We gladly assist injured workers to receive the compensation their employers are required to supply on a no-fault basis. Compensation we work to supply for injured workers includes medical treatment in addition to workers’ compensation benefits paid to the workers by their employers or their employers’ insurance carrier. Finally, the process is concluded with rehabilitation for injured workers to return them to work.

Workers’ Compensation Payment

Funding for workers’ compensation comes from workers’ employers, not workers. No money is taken from workers paychecks and no payments are made by workers for workers’ compensation. The law requires employers to supply workers’ compensation benefits either by paying a commercial insurance carrier for insurance or by receiving approval from the state to insure them independently or through a pool created among their industry. Medical payments come directly from workers’ employers or their insurance. Wage loss and medical benefits can be paid to injured workers for the rest of their life if their injury is severe enough.

Workers’ compensation wage loss benefits require the injured worker to have lost at least a week of wages to receive payments from his/her employer or his/her employer’s insurance. Wage loss benefits pay 80% of after-tax wages based on the average weekly wage for the highest 39 weeks of wages for the past 52 weeks before the injury.

First Steps

  • Workers notify their employers of work-related injuries as soon as possible.
    • Employers must immediately file with the Workers’ Compensation Agency for wage loss, notify their insurer, inform health care providers with the address to which bills should be sent, and forward all medical bills and documents to their insurer.
  • Employers send injured workers to treating physicians or medical facilities for the first 28 days after an injury.
  • Following the first 28 days, workers gain the option to choose their treating physician.
  • Workers with employers who refuse to report injuries to the Workers’ Compensation Agency should contact our firm to help report their claims
  • Injured workers denied workers’ compensation should appeal their cases.


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