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Worker's Compensation Lawyer in Manchester, MI

If you have been injured at work for almost any reason, you may be entitled to benefits.

In Michigan, Workers’ Compensation law is a no-fault statute, allowing both you and the employer to be considered negligent. This means the employer could have been at fault for your injury but may not be considered negligent. If this happens, the only recourse you have is Workers’ Compensation, not a liability claim. We understand, it sounds like the employer gets off easy. However, you can claim benefits for any injury you sustain at work, even if you were negligent and at fault.

Workers’ Compensation

Over the past decade, we have successfully helped many injured workers. We understand it is traumatic to work hard for your employer and then suddenly an injury leaves you financially strapped because your workers’ compensation claim is denied. The loyalty you gave is not always given back by the employer when money comes between you and them.

Our focus is to help you to get the benefits you are entitled to. These include:

  • Weekly benefits equal to 80% of your average weekly wage, tax free

  • 100% payment for medical treatment, including fees for doctors, hospitals, prescriptions, and mileage

  • Vocational rehabilitation – training to learn a new trade

We have always handled cases as if it were a family member in the unfortunate situation you are in. And, given that every case is unique, we prepare for various outcomes.

For instance, settling a case may be the best outcome. Or taking the case to trial may be the best way to serve our client when we feel the employer or insurance carrier is not seeing the real value of the case.

It is our goal to give individual attention to every client. We welcome our clients to call us anytime so we can put their minds to ease.

We have represented numerous trades over the years, along with clients in many fields; retail, food, health care, service, doctors, and industrial (just to name a few), with great results and repeated referrals back to us.

There is never any initial cost to you, we send for the necessary medical records and file the proper documents on your behalf. We only get paid a fee if you win and there is a recovery of benefits. Our goal is to give you the best service possible and protect all of your rights.

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