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We have seen tragic injuries and disabilities, and come to find out the person was denied benefits. Illness, injury and disease are not always timely. Social Security Disability is a benefit you paid for, Workers' Compensation insurance is required by law, yet you're made to feel you should just give up when they simply say "no." Don't give up, that's where we come in.

We spend the time to understand each individual case, and the uniqueness of each individual. Our firm is not a mill; we don't practice in a multitude of specialties, since we don't find that effective. We are focused on you and your case in an area of law we know well. It takes time to know the different judges, since we are very specialized; we have become very familiar with the judges we practice in front of. We only take cases we feel strongly about, each case requires time and money to prepare properly. If we were to take cases with little or no merit, it takes away from your case, and that's not how we practice.

We want you to feel comfortable in our relationship, we are going to spend considerable time together, we will do it right, or not at all. If you are worried about filing on your own, we are glad to help you with the process at no cost. We don't want you worrying after hours either; email and phone calls go directly to the cell phone of William Biebuyck 24/7. Poor representation is not an option.